174: CXChronicles Podcast 174 with Gregorio Uglioni, The CX GoalKeeper

Hey CX Nation,

In this week's episode of The CXChronicles Podcast #174 we welcomed Gregorio Uglioni, CCXP an inspiring CX/CS executive who has come to be known as The CX GoalKeeper, based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Greg has spent years helping a plethora of amazing companies with transforming and digitizing their CX/CS roadmaps. In short, Greg is a former Accenture consultant, who today is responsible for Business Transformation at the Cantonal Hospital of Winterthur based in Switzerland. 

He's also a huge part of the global CX/CS community. He's authored several books, is the host of The CX GoalKeeper Podcast,  judges a variety of Customer Experience awards programs across the globe, is an international speaker and regular at webinars and conferences + lectures on customer experience & success at the University of Lucerne.

In this episode of CXCP, Greg and Adrian chat through how he has tackled The Four CX Pillars: Team,  Tools, Process & Feedback throughout his career + shares some of the tips & tricks that have worked for him across his customer focused business leader journey.

**Episode #174 Highlight Reel:**

1. How building your CX/CS  team is like managing a world-class soccer club 
2. Building offensive, mid-field and defensive goals & targets to scale your business
3. Creating your “eye-level” strategy for building a tool-kit or blueprint for your team
4. Leveraging process to become the glue that retains customers & fuels your growth
5. Investing in customer & employee feedback optimization to drive future innovation

Huge thanks to Greg for coming on The CXChronicles Podcast and featuring his work and efforts in pushing the customer experience and customer success space into the future.

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