CXC Featured on Design Hill Event

Post pandemic, customer experience has become a top priority for every business & 2021 will be no different. Customers no longer build their loyalty on price/ product. Instead, they stay loyal to brands due to the experience they get.

In this session, our expert will talk about how to optimize the Four CX Pillars; Team, Tools, Process & Feedback to make your customer happy.

Learn about how you can build your customer experience, customer service, and customer operations team for business growth and development.        

What will be covered in this session?

  • Is CX focus & investments only for the Customer Service & Success team or the entire company?
  • What are some ways that leading CX companies collect customer & employee feedback today?
  • What’s the difference between customer experience & user experience?
  • Why is CX critical for today’s companies?
  • Why The Four CX Pillars; Team, Tools, Process & Feedback?
  • And Much more..

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