CXChronicles Podcast Episode 107 with Tom Ottaiano CEO of Today’s Business

In this episode of the CXChronicles Podcast Episode #107 we welcomed Tom Ottaiano, CEO of Today’s Business in New Jersey!

Today’s Business is a digital marketing agency managing multi-channel campaigns that help their clients sell their products and communicate their story to the best possible audiences ultimately leading to a premium result.

Today’s Business utilizes data and analytics to consistently improve each of its services, creating sustainable, long term, and transparent successes for their clients.

They work with a plethora of professional athletes, awesome emerging brands and even a professional sports league on the rise.

Tom talks with Adrian and The CXNation about what it has taken him and the team over the last 10+ years. Hustling, grinding, clawing and doing anything it takes to find new customers and build long lasting relationships well into the future. All while adapting and growing with the ebs and flows of the digital marketing landscape.

Tom/Adrian talk through how Today’s Business has gone about thinking and planning through the way they’ve managed The Four CX Pillars; Team, Tools, Process and Feedback as the company and customer portfolio has grown over the years.

We also talk about how playing D1 Football at Monmouth University (even a quick stop at the NFL) laid a strong foundation for Tom to become an entrepreneur.

Huge thanks for Tom coming on the show and sharing his story with the CXNation — check out Today’s Business by clicking the link below

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