CXChronicles Podcast Episode #116 with Chris Thomas, Short-Term Real Estate Expert

In episode #116 of The CXChronicles Podcast we welcomed Chris Thomas, a short-term real estate investor and Airbnb guest & host experience expert based out of San Diego, CA.

Chris Thomas spends a substantial amount of time in the real estate world. Where he invests in Airbnb hosting and management for short term rentals across the US. He's even written books and does regular coaching programs for new folks trying to enter the short-term space.

In this episode Adrian and Chris talk through The Four CX Pillars; Team, Tools, Process & Feedback™️.

Chris gives the listener a ton of ideas for how they can build their own short-term real estate business or side-hustle. In just a few short years Chris went from being broke to building a massive short-term real estate business and portfolio by learning, hustling, and remaining focused on his growth goals. 

Over the years Chris and his team have figured out how to not only tackle one door or house at a time but rather how to manage entire developments built and designed for short-term renters and their evolving needs.

As platforms like Airbnb, VRBO, Sonder and others continue to grow they will undoubtedly continue to change the evolution and trajectory of the real estate industry as a whole.

Post pandemic we are going to see the largest surge of traveling, hospitality and experience demands that the world has seen. We now have a global army of remote workers who will no longer call one singular city their home but rather many places throughout the year. 

Episode 116 Highlight Reel: 

  1. Managing the challenges that come with the world of short-term rentals
  2. Building a lean team to manage properties across the country
  3. How to leverage industry leading tools to manage your rapid growth 
  4. Finding new properties and locations to invest in
  5. Collecting and using guest feedback on a daily basis, especially as your business is growing!

Huge thanks to Chris for sharing his story with The CXNation, this is one of my favorite episodes to date and there is tons of value and insights to be found in this discussion, especially if you're interested in learning more about Airbnb.

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