CXChronicles Podcast Episode 115 with Jim Coleman, Co-Founder at xFusion

In episode #115 of The CXChronicles Podcast we welcomed Jim Coleman, Co-Founder of xFusion in Boulder, CO.

xFusion provides tier 1 and tier 2 customer support, customer success, and back-office processing for startups. Jim and his team offer a hands-off experience that empowers makers to make & growers to grow. They add value to their clients by allowing business owners to focus on their highest priorities and best use of time.

In this episode Adrian and Jim talk through The Four CX Pillars; Team, Tools, Process & Feedback.

Plus talk through a ton of interesting new themes, trends, and opportunities for business executives and leaderships teams to invest in their CX strategies as we move into the rest of 2021.

Jim gives the listener a ton of ideas for how they can build a “blended CX and customer support model” and leverage the power of strategic partners and managed service providers to scale their business.

Episode 115 Highlight Reel:

  1. Managing the challenges that come with the up and down of customer support volume in your business
  2. Building a lean customer support team & leveraging a blended CX/CS model
  3. How to make leaders in your business think like Founders
  4. Employee experience is paramount in a growing business
  5. Collecting and using client and employee feedback on a daily basis, especially as your business is growing!

To learn more about xFusion check out their website here

Huge thanks to Jim and his team for sharing their story with The CXNation, tons of value and insights can be found in this episode.

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