120: CXChronicles Podcast Episode 120 with Paul Rutter Cruise & Entertainment Director @ Royal Caribbean

In episode #120 of The CXChronicles Podcast we welcomed Paul Rutter, Founder & CEO of Smooth Sailing Communication & Cruise & Entertainment Director at Royal Caribbean, one of the world's largest cruise line operators!

After spending 25+ years in the hospitality industry, Paul has discovered how to go beyond a “perfect” customer experience. Being on the high seas has taught him that through approaching customer service with the intent to exceed his customer’s expectations, rather than just meet them, higher levels of customer satisfaction, retention, loyalty, and repeat business can be experienced.

As a Senior Executive, Paul has managed and guided some of the largest and most luxurious cruise ships in the world, taking him to speak on stages all over the globe where living with his customers, clients and co-workers was a way of life.

Paul is author of “Repeat Business, Inc: The Business of Staying in Business”, an Advanced Communicator in Toastmasters International, and a member of the National Speakers Association.

Episode #120 Highlight Reel:

1.) Building experiences & memories that keep bringing customers back!
2.) How modern cruise ship teams are built & managed
3.) Why technology is rapidly changing the cruise industry — we're talking $1B+ boats! 
4.) Listening, learning and evolving from your customer & employee feedback
5.)  What business owners & executives can learn about CX from the Cruise Industry

Huge thanks to Paul for coming on the show and featuring his work and efforts in pushing the cruising, travel & entertainment industries forward into the future.

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