130: CXChronicles Podcast Episode 130 with Lisa Vandergast, VP of Client Services at AdColony

In episode #130 of The CXChronicles Podcast we welcomed Lisa VanderGast, Vice President of Client Services at AdColony based in Los Angelas, CA.

AdColony is one of the largest mobile advertising platforms in the world with a reach of more than 1.5 billion users globally. Part of Digital Turbine’s leading independent mobile growth platform, AdColony helps brands, agencies, and apps expand their reach and results with the power of mobile.

Lisa has been building & scaling customer facing Client Services teams inside of the ad-tech space for 15+ years. In this episode she chats about what she's learned mastering the Four CX Pillars of team, tools, process & feedback during her personal CX'er journey. 

Episode #130 Highlight Reel:

  1. How the ad-tech space continues to grow and evolve
  2. Controlling and managing variables across your customer journey
  3. Leveraging your CRM to manage budgets, timelines, & customer priorities
  4. Managing a remote client services workforce — the good, bad & ugly…
  5. Engagement surveys, campaign surveys, & understanding how you can improve your CX & EX! 

Huge thanks to Lisa for coming on the CXCP and featuring her team's work and efforts in pushing the ad-tech & digital experience space into the future.

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