162: CXChronicles Podcast 162 with Tony Sternberg, Co-Founder and CEO at ProsperStack

Hey CX Nation,

In episode #162 of The CXChronicles Podcast we welcomed Tony Sternberg, Co-Founder and CEO at ProsperStack based in Minneapolis, MN. 

ProsperStack is the drop-in cancellation flow that prevents churn and helps you understand why subscribers leave, so you can make informed product, pricing and remarketing decisions.

Reduce churn by presenting special offers tailored to the specific reasons customers are leaving. Use those same offers to recapture lost revenue from past cancellations.

In this episode Tony and Adrian chat through The Four CX Pillars: Team,  Tools, Process & Feedback + share some of the tips & tricks that have worked for the team over at ProsperStack as they've built & grown their team & customer portfolio.

**Episode #162 Highlight Reel:**

1. Ideas and techniques for mitigating churn & retaining your customers
2.  The benefit of working in a variety of industries & companies
3.  Having intention & focus with your sales, marketing & growth efforts
4.  Learning from other companies about why customers tend to leave or churn
5.  Why you should be assessing churn-risk from the point of onboarding

Huge thanks to Tony for coming on The CXChronicles Podcast and featuring his team's work and efforts in pushing the customer experience and success space into the future.

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