187: CXChronicles Podcast 187 with Mark Slatin, Founder at EmpoweredCX

Hey CX Nation,

In this week's episode of The CXChronicles Podcast #187  we welcomed Mark Slatin, Founder at EmpoweredCX based in Lewes, Delaware. 

Mark helps his clients by listening to them and really understanding their goals, vision, and challenges.  Whether you are just launching or ready to take the journey to the next level, Mark leverages his “real world” experience that only comes from serving as a CX practitioner across multiple businesses & industries over the years.

His focus for the last decade has been leading an award-winning CX journey from launch to maturity at Sandy Spring Bank . During that time, the Bank received numerous awards including The CX Innovation Award (2X), Great Places to Work, Forbes America's Best Bank, and American Banker Best Bank to Work For, The Washington Post Top Workplace, among others.

Today, Mark spends much of his time working with his clients + hosting The Delighted Customers Podcast (Adrian was able to be a guest on his show recently, chatting about his experiences building CXC). 

In this episode, Mark and Adrian chat through how he has tackled The Four CX Pillars: Team,  Tools, Process & Feedback throughout his career + shares some of the tips & tricks that have worked for him across his own customer focused business leader journey.

**Episode #187 Highlight Reel:**

1. How you turn your most loyal customers into your biggest fans & promoters
2. Why investing in employee onboarding is the glue to build world-class CX 
3. Ideas for building & leading your Extended Leadership Team (ELT)
4. Building your VOC task force to govern your customer journey as you scale
5. Leveraging feedback to build new products & revenue streams
Huge thanks to Mark for coming on The CXChronicles Podcast and featuring his work and efforts in pushing the customer experience and customer success space into the future.

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