Customer Focused CEOs To Pay Attention To

In an increasingly digital world, it’s never been more important for brands to provide customer-centric experiences. It’s not enough to have a good product.

How customers are able to use it is just as vital. Modern customers expect convenience, efficiency, and that brands listen to them.

Without an effective feedback loop, products are changed without a true idea of whether it’s what customers want or need. 

However, being able to utilize digital technology so as to adapt your CX to suit customers, leads to happiness, loyalty, and brand success.

Below are some of the top CEOs that have grown their businesses by focusing & investing into customer-centric technology and have nailed their CX/CS efforts while building their business & team.

Dara Khosrowshahi – Uber: threading the line perfectly between digital technology and traditional taxi company, to provide an industry-leading experience from first click of an app to closing the door at the end of a trip.

Adam Brotman – Brightloom: creating a digital platform enabling restaurants to provide their own mobile ordering system, with the customer at the center of a flywheel where each of the spokes is a digital touchpoint that informs a brand of the customer’s intents and preferences.

Katrina Lake – Stitch Fix: obtaining feedback from all of its 3.5m customers to drill down into what each one of them want to wear, anticipating buying and purchasing requirements, determining customers’ nuanced preferences, and providing users with a custom-tailored experience delivered to their front door.

Reed Hastings – Netflix: keeping over 200 million people satisfied with their viewing experience. How? Everything is personalized based on the viewer’s preferences.

Christopher Nassetta – Hilton: using technology to provide a seamless and personalized experience for their customers and employees. Digital keys, ability to unlock rooms with a smartphone, removing the need to check in at the front desk, offering a “connected room” that remembers your preferences such as TV, room temp, and lights settings, as soon as you check in. 

Tony Xu – Door Dash: regularly solicits suggestions from his customers via a dedicated feedback button on his app.  Recognizing the shift in customer needs and with the Covid -19 pandemic surging, he moved beyond hot food delivery and expanded to delivery of household essentials like groceries and even over the counter medicines.  

Stewart Butterfield – Slack:  Slack is changing how companies communicate internally, with a focus on being completely customer-centric. The emphasis is on regular customer feedback loops to inform of changes and product roadmap so as to continually improve the platform. Employees are encouraged to become experts in certain areas rather than trying to master the whole product so as to streamline customer queries that can then quickly be routed to the right expert.

Eric Yuan – Zoom: the way we communicate has changed over the last 2 years and Yuan’s company has been at its heart with a face-to-face video opportunity that values customer experience above everything, based on 3 simple goals: 1) Making sure the product works. 

2) Ensuring a simple, easy to use, intuitive experience for the user. 3) Creating a happy work environment for the employees to support their self-motivation and innovation.

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