CXC Featured On The Simple Brand Podcast!

In this week’s episode of the SIMPLE brand podcast, I talk with Adrian Brady-Cesana, host of the CXChronicles podcast!

Too many brands skip over one critical driver when building out and managing their customer experience.

You may think you want to start by mapping out the customer journey.

You may think you want to start by capturing lots of customer data.

You may think you want to start by investing in customer experience tech.

But if you don’t start by focusing on the customer’s feelings and how you want the customer to feel throughout the customer experience, then your efforts will likely fall flat.

Focusing on the customer’s feelings, and likely the feeling of happiness needs to be instilled into everything that you and your employees do.

You have to make “happiness a habit.”

Adrian’s one of the leading voices in the Customer Experience industry and the founder and CXO of CXChronicles.
And as the host of the CXChronicles podcast, he talks with customer-focused business leaders to share their perception of his Four CX Pillars: Team, Tools, Process, and Feedback.

Adrian and I dig deep into understanding his four pillars. And we talk about why “Happiness as a Habit” is the underlying driver behind an outstanding customer experience AND an outstanding employee experience.

Some of the topics we discuss include:

  • Focusing on developing and managing the right team is foundational to your Customer Experience operation
  • How making “happiness as a habit” is integral to your customer experience and employee experience
  • The leading principles on customer experience are the same for employee experience
  • Breaking down organizational silos helps executives buy into and invest in a customer experience mindset
  • It’s not just customer-facing teams that impact the customer experience
  • Adrian’s Four CX Pillars that are the essential building blocks of a winning customer experience operation
  • The ideal habits and values needed to thrive as a customer experience leader




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