How To Use Text Messaging To Improve Your Customer Experience & Customer Success

SMS Messages (“Short Messages Service”, commonly known as “Texting”) are a way to send text-only messages of up to 160 characters between phones.

They have become a regular part of the business messaging environment as a way to communicate with customers and support customer service strategies.

Major benefits of SMS Messages over other forms of business communication are the capacity to engage in two-way communication with your customers; reaching your customers anywhere anytime via their mobile devices; enabling you to communicate with large groups of customers at the same time; and finding the quickest way to get a response from your customers! 

These are five key ways of using Text Messages for effective customer service:

  1. Send a timely message with personalized text to make customers feel heard and understood, and to build rapport to appreciate their retention.
  1. Respond quickly to customer requests, so as to take advantage of this fast form of  communication exchange, which is so effective for you, and most importantly is so convenient for your customer. 
  1. Schedule messages to automate the customer service experience and process to include routine but critical messages such as order and delivery notifications or payment reminders, or as part of a marketing campaign promoting new offerings such as a new product or promotional rewards. Automated text applications such as CRM software can readily be utilized for this automated process.
  1. Use polls and surveys to collect customers feedback. This provides you with  immediate responses to your surveys while increasing your interactions with customers. Simply include a link to a Google Form with a poll or survey in the body of your text message to obtain immediate responses to your questions. 
  1. Collect Google Reviews: We all know how important it is to a business to receive positive experience reviews to provide social proof of your business credibility and of a satisfied customer experience. Send a timely message to the customer right after a positive interaction requesting a review, with a link to your Google Review page in the text message.

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