Top 10 Podcasts that Inspired the creation of CXChronicles!

Hey CX Nation,

I hope that everyone is having an awesome start to their August so far and things are going well with your family, friends, and business!

I wanted to do something different for this week’s CXWeekly update post, the topic at hand = my favorite podcasts to learn from since launching CXChronicles.

If I earned a dollar for every time someone asked me “what’s your favorite podcast rotation right now?” I’d have an extra fistful of cash tucked away in the cookie jar right now.

So I figured it would be a fun post to share and I hope that this helps all of you CXers step up your remote working/learning game on the day to day. Better yet share it with your teams or customers to give them some fresh ideas to build from!

At this point in the CXC adventure we’ve been beyond fortunate to have completed nearly 100+ episodes, with 10,000+ downloads and listeners from 20+ countries worldwide and I owe a ton of that success to the folks who created these shows below.

Here are the top 10 podcasts that helped to inspire the inception, creation, launch and ongoing production of The CXChronicles.

CXC’s Top 10 Podcast Suggestions:

1) The Mike Dillard Podcast

2) Brand Builders

3) Make It Happen Mondays with John Barrows

4) The Gary Vee Audio Experience

5) Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman

6) Bigger Pockets

7) The Less Doing Podcast with Ari Meisel

8) Arm Chair Expert

9) The Tim Ferris Show

10) Business Wars

I’m incredibly appreciative of all of the learnings, findings, pointers, resources and the general vernacular that I’ve gained from the creators and teams that make these podcasts for all of us.

I’ve found that I’ve been able to amplify the ability to learn while listening to these shows + found a whole new educational medium that allows me to go to create a bunch of CX and EX content for the CX Nation each week.
Spotify + Apple Podcasts + Audible = Lots of learning new things! You’ll have to force yourself to set aside time for music because it can become addicting — who else listens in fast speed play mode?

If you want a crash course into how true customer and employee focused business leaders think, then dive head first into this content lake above.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to CXChronicles if there’s anything that we can do to help your business or team and always remember to make happiness a habit!