10 Ways To Think About Customer Segmentation

In Episode #91 of The CXChronicles Podcast we talk through 10 ways for you to think about how you can segment customers within your business or customer portfolio.  The best companies in the world take time on a regular basis to crunch down every client “persona” or segment to better understand how they can best serve them.  Customer segmentation is one of the easiest ways for your business to develop intricate processes and playbooks for future customer experience success. 

10 ideas to optimize your CX & customer segmentation strategy:

1) Purchasing Behavior — how do your customers actually end up purchasing from your business?

2) Benefits of working with your company — what are the benefits or reasons why your customers work with you?

3) What stage of the customer journey map is the customer in — locate where exactly the customer lies within your most recent customer journey map.

4) Understand your customer’s usage of your product or services — how often, infrequently, heavy user or light user?

5) Occasional customer or one-off sale — understand what type of buying volume your customers possess, do you have a scale in your business?

6) Customer satisfaction levels — listen to the damn surveys! Divide your customer feedback between positive and negative sentiment, now segment accordingly!

7) Understand the power of customer loyalty — who are your most loyal promoters? What type of customer loyalty program do you have in place for them?

8) Customer Interests — do you understand what primary customer interests bring the bulk of your leads or latest first-time buyers?

9) Engagement from your customer-base — which customers are most engaged & which customers are long gone (aka silent)?

10) Know Your Customer statuses — who’s engaged, unengaged, active, pending, prospect or lead, etc? Listen to Adrian chat with the CXNation about a number of different ways that you can work with your CX, sales, customer operations or customer experience team to begin segmenting customers moving forward.

Once you understand the different types of customer segments and personas that fit within your company you can begin to pin point the optimal customer journey maps required to keep them repeat customers with a much higher level of life-time value for your business! Listen to the CXChronicles Podcast today on your favorite podcast player and remember to make happiness a habit!