CXC Joins The Feedback Tribe

In the fireside chat “CX’er Huddle in the Feedback Tribe”, we will talk with him about his hands-on experiences and relevant lectures for you.We will talk about

  • Why CX is not only a topic for CS (Customer Service).
  • Why it’s not enough to just collect customer feedback
  • How to find out about the experience of your customers.
  • What the difference between CX and UX is.
  • What are important CX metrics.

Apart from that, we will dive a bit into his successful book “The 4 pillars of Customer Experience” and the 4 pillars: “Team, Tools, Process & Feedback” and what he learned from the 120 episodes of the CXChronicles podcast.

Reserve your seat for the CX’er Huddle

A lot of hot knowledge for you if you are in CX or CS, reserve a seat at the “CX’er Huddle in the Feedback-Tribe” for free. The digital fireside chat will happen on April 7th, 2021 (5pm CET).