CXChronicles Podcast Episode 112 Klaus-M. Schremser Building Growth at Usersnap

In this episode #112 of The CXChronicles Podcast we had the pleasure of chatting with Klaus-M. Schremser from Usersnap about Growth, CX, and what it takes to build, scale and sell a company.

Klaus is a serial founder and (co-)founded two software companies that got acquired – Gentics (by APA) and Wikidocs (by Atlassian). His entrepreneurial scars are from doing enterprise sales, marketing, growth hacking, development of digital products, team building & leading the last 20 years. He also happens to be a enthusiastic triathlete and an advocate for lifelong learning. Klaus even published a bestseller book!

Usersnap is a digital product building platform, building solutions from development to user feedback and customer service. They offers a 360° suite for building and running digital products, which includes understanding how customers and users use your product & service offerings.

Episode 112 Highlight Reel:

Adrian and Klaus talk through The Four CX Pillars; Team, Tools, Process & Feedback. Klaus gives the CX Nation a ton of different ideas about how to track feedback, what to do with it, how to get more information from your team and how to constantly remain focused on what your end users think about your product & service!

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