125: CXChronicles Podcast 125 with Emily Garza AVP, Customer Success at Fastly

In episode #125 of The CXChronicles Podcast we welcomed Emily Garza, AVP, Customer Success at Fastly based in San Francisco, CA.

With Fastly’s powerful edge cloud platform, developers get the tools they need to build the most groundbreaking apps — all optimized for speed, security, and scale — so businesses can effectively transform to compete in today’s markets.

In 2019 the company filed for their Initial Public Offering (IPO) and had their debut on The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Emily shares her personal customer focused business leader journey + talks about some of the lessons that she's learned helping to build and scale a public company's customer success team.

This episode is incredibly valuable for some of you folks in the CX Nation that are focused on building rocket ship companies with your sights on eventually going public in the future!   

Episode #125 Highlight Reel:

1.) What Emily learned helping to grow and scale her Customer Success team
2.) Managing a hyper growth company's customer success SaaS & tech tool-kit 
3.) Building living playbooks that scale with your growing team
4.) Discovering what to measure & manage for customer portfolio health
5.) Leveraging & investing in customer success & CX to grow sales & revenues 

Huge thanks to Emily for coming on the show and featuring her work and efforts in pushing the Customer Experience & Customer Success space into the future

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