128: CXChronicles Podcast 128 with Brittany Hodak, Chief Customer Officer at Experience.com

In episode #128 of The CXChronicles Podcast we welcomed Brittany Hodak, Chief Experience Officer at Experience.com (formerly SocialSurvey) based in San Ramon, CA.

Experience.com has built one of the world’s most impactful Experience Management Platform (XMP) solutions with features to drive operational and behavioral change, in real-time, during the moments that matter.

XMP delivers impactful business outcomes including increased customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, online reputation and visibility, as well as improved employee engagement, and compliance – making every customer & employee touch point matter!

Episode #128 Highlight Reel:

1.) Becoming a CX executive & building an eye & focus for “creating amazing experiences”
2.) Building & growing the team at Experience.com
3.) Understanding how to pin-point your “bulls-eye” customer or ICP
4.) Why investing in CX & EX optimization can help propel your business forward 
5.) Leveraging the SUPER Methodology to create Super Fan customers

S= Start with your story
U= Understand your customer 
P= Personalize & connect
E= Exceed expectations
R= Repeat

Huge thanks to Brittany for coming on the CXCP and featuring her team's work and efforts in pushing the customer experience optimization & management space into the future.

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