153: CXChronicles Podcast 153 with Jeff Rosenblum, Founding Partner of Questus

Hey CX Nation,

In episode #153 of The CXChronicles Podcast we welcomed Jeff Rosenblum, Founding Partner of Questus based in New York City. 

Jeff Rosenblum is an advertising agency founder, documentary filmmaker and an admitted pain in the ass (his words, not ours). He is widely regarded as one of the leading innovators in the field of digital marketing and has worked on teams that have helped revolutionize market research, publishing, sports broadcasting and interactive advertising.

He is the Founding Partner of Questus, a digital marketing agency that has worked with some of the world’s most influential brands including American Express, Bloomberg, Capital One, Discovery Channel, Disney, Driscoll’s, General Mills, Ford, ESPN, Suzuki Motorcycles, The NFL, Universal Orlando, Verizon and more.

Jeff and Adrian also chat through The Four CX Pillars: Team,  Tools, Process & Feedback to share some of the tips & tricks that have worked for Questus as they've built & grown their business & team across the world.

**Episode #153 Highlight Reel:**

1. Why prioritizing team building & finding awesome people first led to success for Questus
2.  How Questus started attracting world known brands as they grew their business
3.  Focusing on culture & putting people in the position to do their best work
4.  How great entrepreneurs eventually need to learn how to say no to opportunities 
5.  What positive customer feedback about your team says about your business

Huge thanks to Jeff for coming on The CXChronicles Podcast and featuring his work and efforts in pushing the digital marketing & advertising space into the future.

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