200: CXChronicles Podcast 200 with Tom Shoemaker, VP of Product Marketing at Propel

Hey CX Nation,

In this week's episode of The CXChronicles Podcast we celebrate our #200 episode by welcoming Tom Shoemaker, VP of Product Marketing at Propel based in Santa Clara, CA. 

Propel helps product companies grow revenue and increase business value. Their product value management platform connects commercial and product teams to optimize decision making, drive process efficiencies, and engage customers with compelling products and experiences.

Recognized as a Deloitte Technology Fast 500 winner, Propel is built on Salesforce and drives product success for hyper growth startups, corporate pioneers, and Fortune 500 leaders in the high tech, med-tech and consumer goods industries.

In this episode, Tom and Adrian chat through how the team at Propel has tackled The Four CX Pillars: Team,  Tools, Process & Feedback and shares tips & best practices that have worked across his own customer focused business leader journey.

**Episode #200 Highlight Reel:**

1. How early roles in engineering & marketing led to path in product marketing leadership
2. Product marketing in a nutshell; G2M, product launch, pricing, content & sales enablement
3. How hunters can teach farmers and farmers can teach hunters by sharing knowledge & best practices regularly 
4. How do you ensure that your KPIs/performance metrics align to your company's OKRs & mission?
5. Always remember that your customers pay the bills & dictate future product & service needs
Huge thanks to Tom for coming on The CXChronicles Podcast and featuring his work and efforts in pushing the customer experience & customer success space into the future.

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