22 Immutable Marketing & CX Laws For You To Know

This is a summary of ideas from the book The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing by Al Ries and Jack Trout. Normal text is my summary. Text in italic is my commentary. Remember: this is just a short summary and is not meant to replace the book. Nothing beats reading the real thing. The book is short, buy it and read it.

Law 1 (law of leadership)

Being first in the market is better than having a better product.Examples:

  • we all remember who first flew over Atlantic or who was the first man on the moon but almost no-one knows who was the second
  • Heineken was the first imported beer in USA and still is No. 1 imported beer
  • same for Miller Lite, first domestic light beer

Being first doesn’t matter if the idea/product is not good.In other words: being first gives you very big advantage over competition but doesn’t guarantee success. It doesn’t matter that you’re first to market if no-one needs your product or if your product is very bad. Computer industry has counter-examples (first spreadsheet isn’t the dominant spreadsheet, first word processor isn’t the dominant word processor) so you can overcome first-mover advantage, but it’s very hard and requires the leader to make big mistakes.

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